The Surface Finishing Pool is committed to get matchless technologies from Europe for the benefit of discerning Indian metal finishers

Make in India! The clarion call exhorting corporates of the world to produce in our country brings with it the responsibility to produce goods to the highest standards worldwide. This in turn means using the most advanced manufacturing processes. At Euro Surf India, we have been committed to making available matchless European technologies in the surface finishing sector to discerning users in India for a few years now.

With over 25 years of experience in the sector, we represent companies that are acknowledged leaders in their specific areas, and support the marketing of their products with after – sales service and advice. For Indian companies using surface finishing technology, we act as a single source supplier of world-class equipment that helps its users to meet the highest quality standards. Our Pool concept offers many synergistic advantages to our customers and principals too.

Brief profiles of the companies forming part of the Surfin’ Pool are given at 'companies'