Aucos AG

Aucos AG: Based in Aachen, Germany, it is a pioneer for more than 30 years for control systems for surface treatment applications and has installed over 1,800 plating controls in 30 countries, including a few in India as well. With more than 60 specialists they remain the leading edge of technology. More at

Special Representative of Aucos in India is Mr.   Lomte who is working in close partnership with Dr. Sundaram

Mazurczak GmbH

Based near Nuremburg in the south of Germany, this 80 year old company specialises in providing heating systems – electrical and thermal – and temperature and level controls – for surface treatment. More at

Munk GmbH

Munk GmbH, based in Hamm, Germany, this 45-year old company is the leader for power systems for surface treatment – including anodising and electroplating especially suited for continuous use in demanding situations.

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Siebec SAS

Based near Grenoble in alpine France, this 57 – year old company has extremely cost effective, labour and material saving products for filtration, as well as a versatile range of pumps for aggressive liquids.

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Harter GmbH

The specialist in drying matters. Harter is the leading provider of reliable and energy-saving drying solutions for industry. The technology and services of Harter satisfy most exigent requirements and are unique on the market.

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